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money worries

Supporting families with money worries

We know increasing numbers of working age people and families, particularly people with long term health conditions, including mental health problems and lone parents, are experiencing financial pressures and debt, due austerity and changes to welfare provision.

Significant life events such as pregnancy, onset of illness / disease, traumatic life changing injury, bereavement or becoming a carer can also result in financial pressures. 

Whilst nurses are not trained money advisers, there are four simple steps they can follow to support those with money worries get the help they need when they need it:

  1. Consider money worries as an underlying cause of both mental and physical health conditions
  2. Ask patients simple questions about money worries, such as ‘Have you got any money worries that might be affecting how you are feeling?’
  3. Refer patients to an appropriate money / welfare adviser, preferably one who is integrated into their health & social care team
  4. Engage with the adviser, providing access to medical records, with the patient’s consent, or producing medical reports if required.
Nurses 4 public health

Nurses 4 public health

The RCN has been working with members on a series of case studies which help showcase the variety of ways nurses are currently working to improve public health. 

If you would like to submit a case study, please complete this template and email it to To fill out the template, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download here