Dementia: Publications

  • 16 Oct 2018

    Older people in care homes: Sex, Sexuality and Intimate Relationships

    Publication Code : 007 126

    This guidance has been developed to help nurses and care staff work effectively with issues of sexuality, intimate relationships, sexual expression and sex, particularly people living in care homes. Its aim is to facilitate learning, support best practice and serve as a resource to help nurses and care staff address the needs of older service users in a professional, sensitive, legal and practical way.

  • 8 Oct 2018

    Dementia in the Workplace

    Publication Code : 007088

    In response to a resolution passed at Congress 2017, a suite of information on dementia in the workplace has been developed for nursing staff and those that represent and employ them. It aims to tackle the stigma surrounding a diagnosis of dementia in working life and to support nurses with dementia to work as fully as they are able to, for as long as they wish to.