Enhancing nutritional care

North Tyneside General Hospital case study

The nutrition and dietetic department at Northumbria Healthcare hip fracture quality improvement programme introduced the use of nutrition assistants to improve mortality and patient experience.
Michael Porter, Nutrition Assistant, Project Support Ward 23 North Tyneside General Hospital (Word 15KB).

Prosper project, Essex County Council

This case study highlights creative solutions used in care homes to help those residents at risk of dehydration.
Prosper project, Essex County Council (Word 13KB)

Ward End Service Project

The guide covers all aspects of food service to ensure good quality, safe and hot food is provided to patients and provides recommendations on good interdisciplinary working.
A good practice guide to ward level services. Healthcare food and beverage service standards.

Last Nine Yards HCA conference challenge

The aim of the Last Nine Yards challenge was to embed nutrition and hydration as a critical part of the patient’s recovery plan.
Ward End Service - HCA conference challenge (Word 17KB).
Andy Jones Last Nine Yards HCA conference challenge update (PDF 18KB).

NHS England tackles the complex problem of Nutrition and Hydration

"What are the key issues, barriers and challenges we face in reducing malnutrition and dehydration across our health economy?”
Catalyze NHS England Case Study (PDF 713KB).

Nutritional care in hospitals

This Scottish resource aims to support all staff involved in nutritional care in hospitals, ensuring that they have the knowledge, skills and capabilities to optimise nutritional care as part of the patient experience.
Nutritional care in hospitals

FoNS Centre for Nursing Innovation projects

The FoNS Centre for Nursing Innovation works with nurses and healthcare teams to develop and share innovative ways of improving practice.

Use the resources on this page to find further information and case studies on enhanced nutritional care.


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