Principle B

As a member of the nursing team, you have to take responsibility for the care you provide and answer for your own judgments and actions. 

You need to carry out these actions in a way that is agreed with your patients, and the families and carers of your patients, and in a way that meets the requirements of your professional bodies and the law.’


As a member of the nursing team, you need to:

  • provide some aspect of nutritional care, be that at frontline delivery or executive board level
  • assess, plan, implement and evaluate the nutritional and hydration needs of patients, clients and users
  • contribute to ongoing monitoring, evaluation and review of the nutrition of patients, clients and users through clinical governance systems. 

The nursing team

As a member of the nursing team you are also responsible for:

  • providing person-centred and evidence-based care
  • ensuring that all aspects of nutrition are taken into account and acted upon in the context of the patients'needs
  • keeping up to date by accessing and using quality information and evidence about nutrition and hydration
  • challenging poor practice in relation to nutrition and hydration. 


Page last updated - 24/10/2019