Public health: Publications

  • 4 Jun 2018

    Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Cervical Screening and Cervical Cancer

    Publication Code : 006903

    RCN guidance for registered nurses working in a range of health care settings, in particular those involved in women’s health, cervical screening and public health. This publication focuses on an overview of HPV (including the current vaccination recommendations), the national cervical screening programme, information about colposcopy and some key facts on cervical cancer. Supported by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

  • 25 Apr 2018

    Immunisation knowledge and skills competence assessment tool

    Publication Code : 006 943

    Competence framework to support the training and assessment of registered and non-registered health care workers who have a role in immunisations. Second edition, replaces 005 336.

  • 3 May 2016

    Public Health Nursing Practice

    Publication Code : 005587

    This new RCN leaflet has been designed to be used by public health nurses as a reflective/revalidation tool. It highlights some areas of the NMC’s code of practice in relation to public health and the corresponding Faculty of Public Health’s core competences to help you consider areas of practice you might find useful to reflect upon in readiness for revalidation.

  • 14 Mar 2016

    Genital examination in women

    Publication Code : 005480 ISBN : 9781910672501

    The purpose of this document is to provide standards and sample assessment tools for training in genital examination in women for registered nurses working in sexual and reproductive health settings, and related health and social care settings. It assumes an extensive knowledge of relevant anatomy, physiology and pathology.

  • 1 Feb 2016

    The value and contribution of nursing to public health in the UK

    Publication Code : 005497

    This is a full report on the project led by the RCN in 2015 to assess the impact and contribution that nurses make to public health.

  • 13 Jun 2014

    Specialist and advanced children's and young people's nursing practice in contemporary health care

    Publication Code : 004579 ISBN : 9781910066232

    Aimed at those developing services for children and young people (CYP), for both commissioners and service providers, and for those who commission and provide post registration education for children's nurses.

  • 30 Sep 2011

    RCN response to the Open Public Services White Paper

    Publication Code : 004185

    Document forming the RCN's response to the Government's Open Public Services White Paper.

  • 31 Mar 2011

    Public Health White Paper

    Publication Code : 004110

    Full response to the Public Health White Paper including an executive summary, responses to individual chapters and specific consultations questions within the white paper and the results of the consultation survey carried out by the RCN.

  • 31 Mar 2011

    Public Health White Paper 'Healthy lives, healthy people: Our strategy for public health in England'

    Publication Code : 004111

    Response to the Public Health White Paper executive summary. Full response is also available publication 004110.

  • 1 Sep 2010

    Tuppence for the doctor, penny for the nurse

    Publication Code : 003582 ISBN : 9781906633394

    Publication using extracts from interviews and the RCN Archives photographic collection to bring to life the experiences of nurses working in the community throughout the 20th century.