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How does Congress work?

Whether you're a seasoned Congress attendee or considering coming for the first time, you may have some questions around how the Congress 2022 will operate.

Our short video below explains how the main business of Congress works, including changes we've made this year to enable delegates to use our all-in-one conference platform Hopin.

'How Congress Works' session - 24 May 2022

You can also watch our recent How Congress Works virtual session with BJ Waltho, Chair of RCN Congress. The session covers topics such as:

  • Voting and speaking in the main hall
  • What’s on the Congress agenda
  • Emergency items – and how to submit them
  • When, and when not, to use points of order and procedural items
  • The role of the Agenda Committee at Congress

Page last updated - 26/05/2022