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Mary Seacole Lecture: Why is racism killing nurses?

20 Sep 2021 16:45 - 17:45

Online Event

Room 1A, Online

Professor Calvin Moorley, Chair of Diversity and Social Justice, Institute of Health and Social Care / Adult Nursing, London South Bank University

Race matters and has visceral social, psychological, physical and political consequences. In this annual lecture Professor Calvin Moorley, a Mary Seacole scholar (2014) discusses why racism is killing black nurses.

The NHS has been built, developed and sustained by various immigrant populations. Their contribution is often met with racism and remains largely unrecognised. Black nurses are more likely to be referred to the NMC for fitness to practice by their employers, are less likely to be shortlisted for or be successful at senior positions, occupy the profession’s lower hierarchy and in the COVID-19 pandemic have been disproportionally affected. Professor Moorley shares his insights and solutions to overcoming these issues and delivering justice for black nurses.

Members can watch a video of the session below. The subtitles have been automatically generated by AI. A corrected version will be available soon.

Room 1A

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