Debate: Emergency Resolution

That this meeting of RCN Congress discusses the implications of Brexit following the triggering of Article 50.

Jason Warriner (Proposer) began this emergency resolution by reminding delegates that the benefits of remaining in the EU for nursing staff were discussed at Congress last year. He mentioned concerns over the loss of EU nursing staff, loss of EU funding for research and regulatory impacts.

The Proposer urged Congress for an open and transparent discussion of the issue and to hear views from the four countries. He asked Congress how we can look to the future to ensure that the voice of nursing is heard in Brexit discussions.

In a highly emotive debate, a common theme among speakers was how heavily the health care system relies on EU workers, the positive impact of nursing colleagues from other countries and the negative impact that their loss would have.

Mohamud Nowrung had the support of Congress when he took to the podium to say; “I am one of the immigrants and I believe I have made a contribution back to the NHS”

Philipp McCaffrey had a more optimistic view on Brexit and thought that there would be opportunities to develop in years to come and that it would not be as great a problem as it was made out to be.

Margaret Devlin raised concerns that in Northern Ireland border counties, Brexit would endanger cross-border working and initiatives that save lives.

The Proposer took to the podium to sum up by stating that this resolution had shown that as nurses, delegates can discuss politics and campaign to change the political landscapes. He stated that the RCN has been proactive to make sure that there is a strong nursing voice in Brexit discussions and urged members to keep feeding into RCN member consultations on how we can continue to campaign and influence.


15 May 2017 17:30 - 18:00

Location To Be Confirmed


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