Planning an International Elective: What you need to know

There are many opportunities for student and qualified nurses to work internationally.

The benefits of these experiences can last far beyond the period of actual stay overseas and are widely acknowledged as having a positive impact on practice upon return. Benefits include improved clinical and leadership skills, developing resourcefulness, cultural competence and resilience. However, international electives can sometimes be viewed as ‘voluntourism’ and can have a negative impact on local communities. It is essential that before embarking on any international travel of this kind, careful consideration is given to minimise the risk of a negative impact on the host community.

This event will provide practical resources for you to consider when planning to work internationally.

Meeting Room 3B
Belfast Waterfront
2 Lanyon Place

16 May 2018 08:00 - 08:45

Meeting Room 3B, Belfast Waterfront, 2 Lanyon Place, Belfast, BT1 3WH


Hosted by: RCN Defence Nursing Forum

Page last updated - 05/09/2018