HCA and AP newsletter

The RCN produces a quarterly e-newsletter especially for its health care assistant (HCA) and assistant practitioner (AP) members. This is your way to pass on and receive information in a friendly and informal fashion.

The newsletter has a particular focus on learning and development and conveys important messages about what work the RCN is engaged in on your behalf. It also provides a platform to share experiences and disseminate information about the HCA and AP network and Health Practitioner Committee activity.

The overall aim of the newsletter is to make you feel engaged, informed and valued while making it explicit what benefits you can take advantage of as an RCN member.

Content in the latest issue

Have your say 

The newsletter team is keen for you to get involved in shaping the content of future issues and to hear your thoughts.

You can let the editorial team know what you think of the newsletter by sending an email to hca.ap.newsletter@rcn.org.uk

If you feel passionate about something or have a burning issue you want to address, why not write an article for the next issue of the newsletter? It’s a great way to share your thoughts with colleagues and gain experience of writing for an audience.

We’re keen to receive submissions on a whole variety of topics and whatever it is you want to write, our editorial team will be on hand and happy to help. Send an email to hca.ap.newsletter@rcn.org.uk in the first instance and someone will get back to you to discuss your idea.