Healthcare Information for all by 2015 (HIFA) 

What is the HIFA Challenge?

Healthcare Information for All by 2015 (HIFA) is a global campaign to improve the availability and use of health care information in developing countries. The aim is for everyone to have access to an informed health care provider by 2015.

The RCN is supporting the challenge to bring together thousands of nurses, midwives, publishers and librarians to work out ways to improve the quality and availability of information for nurses and midwives.

During 2010 HIFA addressed the information and learning needs for community health workers to have access to the information they need to learn, to diagnose, to provide appropriate care and treatment and to save lives.

The HIFA 2011 Challenge addressed the information and learning needs of mothers and family caregivers. 'By 2015, every mother and family caregiver will have access to the information and knowledge they need to prevent illness and injury, to recognise serious illness, to provide basic care, to seek timely help, and to save lives'.

HIFA invites all nurses interested in the information needs of health care staff and patients in the developing world to join its email discussion forums. Find out more at the HIFA website. Membership is free and open to everyone.