Research networks

Many nurses working in the field of research talk of their isolation from likeminded colleagues, so research networks can be of invaluable assistance to aid collaboration and mutual support. Networks are associations of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information, or the like. They can be formally constituted, well-funded networks or loose networks which are simply people with shared interests sharing ideas. A research network provides a vehicle for continual exchange of knowledge and experience. We have separated the networks into the following categories to try to make the list more logical :


Networks like the RCN Research Society have an overarching remit, looking at all aspects of the research process. This and others are listed here. Find out more in Overarching.

Overarching - Europe and international

There are many European and international networks for nurses working in research, and the ones of which we are aware are listed here. More in Overarching - Europe and International.

Clinical research

This section lists networks which offer support to those working in clinical research. More in Clinical research.

Research methodologies

Networks exist to offer support on specific aspects of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, and examples of these are listed here. More Research methodologies.

Clinical focus or field of research

The networks listed within this section all offer support on a specific clinical focus or field of research, e.g. mental health, primary care and public health, user involvement. More in Clinical focus or field of research.