Governance and policy

It is probably true to say that research governance and policy is not the most glamorous aspect of the research process; nevertheless, they have a huge impact on the way research is conducted, and the more nursing can influence the health policy agenda, the better placed nursing priorities will be.


RCN Knowledge and Innovation Action Plan 2014 - 2018

Launched in February 2014, our knowledge and innovation action plan will help us to:

  • continue to develop new knowledge
  • evaluate its impact
  • help people use knowledge and innovate
  • transform care by sharing knowledge

Website: RCN Knowledge and Innovation Action Plan 2014 - 2018


Research governance/ethics

Research Governance and  ethics  are playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of nursing research and practice development and will continue to dominate the research agenda for many years. This section provides information about governance arrangements, ethics bodies, and general guidance.

Website: Research governance/ethics


Research policy

Research policy and strategy within the UK, and particularly within the NHS, has had and will continue to have a huge impact on research in nursing. Here we identify organisations and publications relevant to the field of research policy/strategy in four countries of the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Website: Research policy


Priorities for R&D in nursing

This page brings together work from the UK that focused on the identification of priorities in nursing. Whilst this work was undertaken in the 1990s, many of the priorities identified remain valid.

Website: Priorities for R&D in nursing


Promoting excellence

A group of experts from across the UK who believed that R&D was a means of promoting excellence in care formed a Working Party to consider ways in which a culture that values and promotes both research and development in nursing could be identified, developed, sustained and rewarded. This website is dedicated to this work.

Website: Promoting excellence