RCN-led consultations

The RCN is asked to comment on a huge array of consultation documents, many of which have a very short timescale. RCN staff in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland manage responses to consultations relating to their own country. The RCN Policy Unit, based in RCN Headquarters, London, England, receives and manages responses to consultations relating to England and, in partnership with colleagues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, co-ordinates responses which have a UK-wide and international remit.

To give RCN members a greater opportunity to feed into this process, these consultations will appear within the consultations section for each country on the RCN website for all to see. If you would like to be involved in the RCN response to a particular consultation, please email the lead RCN contact person listed. Email addresses for RCN staff follow this rule: firstname.lastname@rcn.org.uk. Contacts in the 4 countries are:


Contact: Policy Unit
Tel: 020-7647 3723
Website: http://www.rcn.org.uk/support/consultations

In addition, consultations from the Department of Health can be viewed on the DH web pages. They are listed as live consultations, closed consultations, and published responses to consultations.

Website: http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Consultations/index.htm

Northern Ireland

Contact: Dr John Knape
Website: http://www.rcn.org.uk/northernireland

In addition, consultations from the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety can be viewed on their web pages. They are listed as current consultations and previous consultations.

Website: http://www.dhsspsni.gov.uk/index/consultations


Contacts: Clare Mayo & Rachel Cackett, Policy Advisers. David Liddle, Policy Administrator
E-mail: clare.mayo@rcn.org.uk, rachel.cackett@rcn.org.uk, david.liddle@rcn.org.uk
Website: http://www.rcn.org.uk/aboutus/scotland/professionalissues/policyconsultations

In addition, consultations from the Scottish Government can be viewed on their web pages. They are listed as current, closed and forthcoming consultations.

Website: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Consultations/Current


Contact: Lisa Turnbull
Email: lisa.turnbull@rcn.org.uk,
Website: http://www.rcn.org.uk/aboutus/wales/policy_consultation

In addition, consultations from the National Assembly for Wales can be viewed on their web pages. It lists the title and subject of the consultation, date commenced, and completion date.

Website: http://new.wales.gov.uk/consultations/?lang=en


National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) consultations

Could you help the RCN respond to NICE consultations?

The RCN is a stakeholder for the development of all the health technology guidance and national clinical guidelines which are issued by the NICE as guidance for the NHS in England and Wales.

We rely on RCN members who have knowledge of the specialist issues to help us contribute to the development of guidance on a wide range of topics.

For more information about:

  • current and future topics,
  • how you could get involved,
  • what this might entail

Please follow this link to the members' area of the RCN website.

Website: http://www.rcn.org.uk/development/practice/nice_consultation_gateway

It is important that nurses are able to influence this important NHS guidance, and the RCN would appreciate any help you can give.  Please contact caroline.rapu@rcn.org.uk, if you have any queries.  Thank you


Current consultations to which RCN and/or RCN Research Society will be submitting a response

Currently none


Completed consultations to which the RCN and/or RCN Research Society submitted a response

Below are the RCN responses to consultations that have a specific relevance for nursing research. For other RCN responses, please contact the relevant co-ordinator, as highlighted above.

RCN response to the NIHR Proposal for the Designation of Clinical Themes (PDF 52.1KB). Consultation completed February 2013

UK Clinical Research Collaboration draft report (Dec 2006), "'Developing the best research professionals'. Qualified graduate nurses: recommendations for preparing and supporting clinical academic nurses of the future" (PDF, 60K). Consultation completed March 2007.

Department for Education and Skills consultation, "Reform of higher education research assessment and funding" (PDF, 42K). Consultation completed 6th October 2006.

Social Care Institute for Excellence consultation, "Social care research capacity" (MS Word, 82K). Consultation completed 29th September 2006.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council consultation, "Science and Innovation Investment Framework 2004-2014" (MS Word, 25.5K). Consultation completed 28th July 2006.

Cooksey Review of UK Health Research. The RCN response to the Cooksey review can be viewed here (MS Word, 62K).

Department of Health consultation, “Best Research for Best Health: The New National Health Research Strategy” - consultation completed 17th October 2005. The Department of Health has published a summary of responses to the consultation on 9th December 2005, which can be accessed here.

Research Assessment Exercise 2008 consultation on RAE 2008 draft criteria and working methods (MS Word, 32.5K) – consultation completed 19th September 2005.

Commission of the European Communities consultation, “Science and Technology, the key to Europe’s future- Guidelines for future European Union policy to support research” (MS Word, 60.5K) – consultation completed 14th October 2004. The Commission’s response is available here

Department of Trade and Industry Office of Science and Technology consultation document, “7th EU R&D Framework Programme” (MS Word, 26K) – consultation completed 26th July 2004. The Government Response to this consultation has now been published alongside the UK position paper on the initial approach to the 7th EU Research & Development Framework Programme.

National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) Research & Development Strategy. Consultation document. December 2003 (MS Word, 22.5K). Consultation completed February 2004.

MRC Forward Investment Strategy (MS Word, 94.5) – consultation completed 27th May 2003

MRC Clinical Trials for Tomorrow (MS Word, 20.5K) – consultation completed August 2002. The MRC publication, “Clinical Trials for Tomorrow” has now been published [Jul 2003]

Department of Health consultation, "Funding Learning and Development for the Health Care Workforce" (MS Word, 20.5K)– consultation completed October 2002.

Department of Health draft document, “Towards a Strategy for Nursing Research & Development” (MS word, 34.5K) - consultation completed 18th December 2000

Department of Health’s Research Governance Framework consultation document – consultation completed November 2000 (MS word, 41K)

NHS R&D Funding consultation paper: “NHS Needs and Priorities R&D Funding” – consultation completed 31st October 2000 (MS word, 61.5K)