RCN Congress 

Congress is the RCN's main annual debating forum, held in April/May each year. It plays a major part in shaping the RCN's future policy through the resolutions the members vote on and matters discussed. 
Influencing policy.

Each year RCN branches, forums etc. are invited to submit resolutions and raise matters for discussion via the RCN Agenda Committee. The deadline for this is around October-November each year. If you would like to get involved, please email david.ocarroll@rcn.org.uk with "Research Society Congress" in the subject header. 
Criteria for attending Congress

Guidance for those attending Congress has been developed by the RCN Research Society Steering Committee. 
Fringe activities

The Research Society has a varied fringe programme each year at Congress.
Congress 2013 (21 - 25 April 2013, Liverpool)

Congress 2012 (13 - 17 May 2012, Harrogate) 

Congress 2011 (10 - 14 April 2011, Liverpool)

Congress 2010 (25 - 29 April 2010, Bournemouth)

Congress 2009 (10 - 14 May 2009, Harrogate)

Congress 2008

Congress 2007 (15th - 19th April, Harrogate) (MS Word, 34K)
Congress 2006 (23rd - 27th April, Bournemouth) (MS Word, 64.5K)
If you would like to see details of RCN Research Society presence at earlier RCN Congresses, please email Dave O'Carroll, email: david.ocarroll@rcn.org.uk