Building Better Partnerships event – Watch now

RCN members can log in and watch highlights from our most recent event in London

To create inclusive workplaces across every care setting, we all must lead.

That means that we all need to be bolder and more courageous in advocating for the importance of understanding and implementing equality and inclusion in practice.

We believe that a nursing profession that is emboldened, empowered and better equipped to face the challenges of the future with the knowledge that equality, inclusion and human rights is an important building block to securing a better future for the art and science of nursing. 

Equality, inclusion, diversity and human rights provide a foundation for a modern and forward looking profession where nurses, health care support workers, and students, wherever and whenever they work can continue to transform their working environments and the care they deliver to patients. 

Our strength comes from our unity

Our membership of more than 435,000 health care professionals, who are diverse and dedicated to the cause of their patients, deserve to work in environments that are healthy, dignified, safe and free from discrimination. 

Inclusion café

The Café aims to build, source and share tools and techniques that help to support our own leadership and accountability in creating inclusive workplace cultures. 

Inclusion health care

Improving the public’s health is about population health care, making sure that services are inclusive and responsive to all sectors of the population. It necessitates breaking down barriers for people to access health and social care.

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