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Quality and Safety Bulletin

All the latest in quality and safety with the RCN's Quality and Safety Bulletin. 

If you'd like to keep up to date with all the latest in quality and safety, you can subscribe to the Quality and Safety Bulletin. The Bulletin highlights the professional work of the RCN and features all the latest news on the following: quality improvement, patient safety, evidence-based practice, patient and staff-focused care and eHealth.

Mental health

New mental health resources

All nurses have a responsibility to promote good mental health in order to prevent problems and to support patients who may have a mental illness.

People with mental health problems do not always get the help they need. The RCN is continually working in a variety of ways to tackle these issues.

See: Mental health resources 

RCN highlights

The latest news from the RCN on professional issues including publications, policy briefings, events and NICE consultations.


New position statement on domestic abuse

A new position statement on domestic abuse has set out the RCN’s goal to help all nurses and midwives better understand their role and responsibilities around domestic abuse.


New pathway to support bereaved parents

The RCN has supported a new pathway to support bereaved parents. It is designed to improve care for parents and families who have lost a baby during pregnancy or up to 12 months after the child is born.

Quality improvement

Learn more about developments in quality improvement through content giving practice examples, describing tools, learning through innovation and case studies, commentary and statistics.

Care Quality Commission

NHS hospitals to be assessed on how they use their resources

A Care Quality Commission framework has set out rating characteristics that will be used to review how effectively trusts are using their resources to provide high quality, efficient and sustainable care.

Public Health England

Falls and Fractures: consensus statement and resources pack

Public Health England has published a consensus statement and resources pack outlining approaches to interventions and activities to help prevent falls and fractures in older people.

Patient safety

Follow this theme to discover what patient safety means as a practice. We share learning from practitioners, and researchers and findings from the developing field of human factors in healthcare.

Point of Care Foundation

Behind closed doors: can we expect NHS staff to be the shock absorbers of a system under pressure?

A report from the Point of Care Foundation has highlighted concerns that the pressures within the NHS are placing staff under stress and at risk of burnout and the impact that this could have on patient safety.

World Health Organisation

The third global patient safety challenge: tackling medication-related harm

The World Health Organisation has published its third global patient safety challenge: tackling medication-related harm. This challenge aims to reduce the global burden of iatrogenic medication-related harm by 50% within five years.

Evidence based practice

This theme explores what it means to practise in line with best available evidence. It highlights evidence based practice guidelines, research and other tools and updates on evidence based techniques and processes from across the UK. International content from credible resources is also included.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Autistic national register

NICE has called on GPs to develop a national autism register to ensure autistic people receive the tailored care they need.

NIHR Signal

Physical activity in the community improves mobility for cancer survivors

This study has highlighted that programmes that encourage physical activity for people with cancer at home or in local communities have a positive impact on physical function.

Patient focus

Patient focus looks at the issues that relate to partnership working and shared decision making. It covers people’s human rights including the right to privacy and confidentiality.

Health Education England

Person-centred framework

Health Education England has released a new framework to support person-centred approaches, building on recommendation in the Five Year Forward View.

Welsh Government

Additional £1m for End of Life Care

The Welsh Government has announced an additional £1m to further enhance end of life care services in Wales, supporting the delivery of the End of Life Care Delivery Plan 2017-2020.


eHealth covers the ways technologies can act as key enablers in delivering healthcare in today’s society. It’s much more than any one type of technology or device. We are seeing the appearance of new operational models supported by technology.

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

Government to strengthen UK data protection law

In a statement of intent the Government has committed to updating and strengthening data protection laws through a new Data Protection Bill.

NHS Digital Academy

New academy which will train digital healthcare leaders of the future

The NHS Digital Academy has announced that three top universities will host a new academy which will train digital health care leaders of the future.

Staff focus

This theme highlights health and morale of the workforce. A positive working environment benefits staff and patients. Creating the best possible working conditions for nursing staff enables them to deliver the highest standards of patient care.

Health Education England

Stepping forward to 2020/21: the mental health workforce plan for England

Health Education England has set out measures to expand the mental health workforce in England and fulfil ambitions to improve mental health services.

Scottish Government

Nursing 2030 Vision

The Scottish Government has published Nursing 2030 Vision which sets out a long term strategy to shape the future of the nursing workforce in Scotland.

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Quality and Safety eBulletin 73

Issue 73, 17 August 2017


mental health conference

23rd International Mental Health Nursing Research Conference 2017

Join us this coming autumn for two days of collegial inquiry, discussion and debate in the capital city of Wales. The themes reflect our change of identity and we look forward to celebrating the evidence, creativity and innovation which characterise this field.

International Mental Health Nursing Research (MHNR) Conference 2017