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Patient safety

The latest patient safety related news

Highlighting learning from practitioners and research from human factors in health care.

Follow this theme to discover what patient safety means as a practice. We share learning from practitioners, and researchers and findings from the developing field of human factors in health care.

Patient safety

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Patient Safety Network

In Conversation With… Reed V. Tuckson, MD

The president of the American Telemedicine Association talks about telemedicine and patient safety. “The real challenges in this field are no different than any of the challenges facing all of medicine: to be able to take innovation and use it appropriately to deliver value.” (American).

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Patient Safety Network

Telemedicine and patient safety

“A paradigm shift is ongoing in the health care sector. The traditional model of episodic and hospital-based care is being replaced by a patient-centric approach, in which patients are constantly connected to their health care providers. This shift is driven by the need to optimize the performance of the health care system and enabled by advances in technology.” (American).

BBC News

Global pledge to stamp out drug-resistant infections

The 193 countries of the United Nations are to sign a landmark declaration to rid the world of drug-resistant infections or "superbugs". Six years in the making, the international commitment could prevent 700,000 deaths a year, say experts.

BMC Health Services Research

Measuring safety climate in acute hospitals: Rasch analysis of the safety attitudes questionnaire

There was general support for the reliability of the safety attitudes questionnaire as a measure of safety climate although it may not be able to detect small but clinically important changes in safety climate within an organisation.


Doctors urge inquiry into Jeremy Hunt's NHS 'weekend effect' claims

Stephen Hawking, Robert Winston and a number of senior doctors are urging Theresa May to hold an inquiry into Jeremy Hunt’s claim that 11,000 patient deaths a year are caused by a lack of medics on duty in hospitals at weekends.


MPs demand hard line against clinicians who do not report FGM

The government should impose harsher punishment on professionals who decide not to report female genital mutilation in children, saying they are “complicit in a crime being committed”, according to a group of MPs.


Full uptake of cervical cancer screening could save hundreds of lives

A new study has found that cervical screening saves more than 2,000 lives a year in the UK. Researchers at the Queen Mary University of London studied the records of more than 11,000 women in England diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Public feedback on sharing learning from adverse events report

The aim of the engagement was to find out what the public would like to see in the public domain around learning from adverse events. For example, key lessons learned following a review of an adverse event, the improvements that were made and what learning was subsequently shared across the service, with other NHS boards and with the public.

Home Affairs Committee

Female genital mutilation: abuse unchecked

The Government has made significant efforts to raise the profile of the dangers of FGM and to identify ways to eradicate it within a generation. This report provides a further update on the extent to which these measures have been effective in tackling FGM.

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

Ombudsman calls for NHS to get better at resolving complaints, after annual data published

Commenting NHS Digital's figures on written complaints about the NHS, Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Julie Mellor said: 'Too many complaints are coming to us that have not been resolved by the NHS. We are particularly concerned about the poor NHS investigations we see into complaints about avoidable harm and death.'

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