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Quality improvement

Quality improvement processes and techniques

Highlighting developments in quality improvement.

Learn more about developments in quality improvement through content giving practice examples, describing tools, learning through innovation and case studies, commentary and statistics.

Audit, reviews, legislation, inspections and regulation

All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Work

Inquiry into Adult Mental Health Services in England

This report summarises evidence and recommendations from its four-month inquiry into mental health services in England. It recommends that social workers should be given more scope to use their skills to prevent mental health crises.

Department of Health

NHS Blood and Transplant: triennial review

The main conclusion of the review was that NHS Blood and Transplant performs necessary functions. The report contains recommendations for improving performance, governance and efficiency.

Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership

National Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Audit 2016

The proportion of patients with oesophageal and gastric cancer who were eligible for life-saving treatment, has increased slightly over the past eight years, according to the largest study of these types of cancers in England and Wales.

Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership

Annual report: National Hip Fracture Database

The National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) is a clinically led, web-based audit of hip fracture care and secondary prevention. All 177 eligible hospitals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are now regularly uploading data.

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

Dodgy kits give dodgy results

As part of FPA’s Sexual Health Week MHRA are reminding people to be careful when ordering online and to always make sure medical devices used for sexual health has a CE mark and is bought from a legitimate online retailer.

UK Parliament

Brexit and health and social care inquiry launched

The evidence submitted to the Committee's pre-referendum inquiry into the impact of EU membership on health and social care has demonstrated the wide range of areas in which EU membership affects this policy area.

Guidance, innovation and tools

Reports, commentary and statistics

Alzheimer’s Disease International

World Alzheimer report 2016

This report reviews research evidence on the elements of healthcare for people with dementia, and, using economic modelling, suggests how it should be improved and made more efficient.

BBC News

E-cigarettes 'help more smokers quit'

The rise in popularity of e-cigarettes in the UK may have resulted in more successful attempts to quit smoking, according to UK researchers.

Department of Health

Childhood obesity - brave and bold action, first report of session 2015-16

This paper sets out the government's response to the conclusions and recommendation in the Health Select Committee's report on child obesity.

Department of Health

Mental health and wellbeing of looked-after children: government response to the Committee’s fourth report of session 2015-16

. This report contains the government’s response to the Education Committee report on the mental health and wellbeing of looked-after children.

Department of Health

Assistive technology: research and development

These reports provide information about the wide range of government funded projects supporting the development, introduction and evaluation of assistive technology that might increase the range of activities and independence or wellbeing of disabled and older people.


Rise in prisoners moved to mental health hospitals

More prisoners are being diagnosed with mental health problems requiring hospital treatment. The number of male prisoners being transferred to hospital under the 1983 Mental Health Act grew by more than 20 per cent between 2011 and 2014 in England and Wales.

Institute for Government

How to cut spending while maintaining quality

This briefing paper examines the options that the Government has for reducing spending while maintaining the quality of public services.

King's Fund

How is the NHS performing? Quarterly monitoring report

Increased demand for services is placing the health system under huge strain with more than 90 per cent of beds occupied by patients, well above the threshold that is considered safe.

King’s Fund

Social care for older people. Home truths

This report, based on work commissioned by the National Housing Federation from The King’s Fund and the New NHS Alliance, looks at the economic case for closer working between the housing and health sectors.

King's Fund

The economics of housing and health: the role of housing associations

This report, based on work commissioned by the National Housing Federation from The King’s Fund and the New NHS Alliance, looks at the economic case for closer working between the housing and health sectors.

King’s Fund

STP leaders face major challenges in transforming care and balancing budgets

The NHS in England is in the final stages of developing five-year sustainability and transformation plans (STPs). These plans are the product of work by providers and commissioners in the 44 areas identified as the ‘footprints’ for planning purposes

NHS Clinical Commissioners

Support from the start: commissioning early intervention services for mental ill health

This report showcases projects that promote early intervention in mental health and draws out tips from commissioners and practitioners involved in their development and delivery.

NHS England

Two million+ records in the National Joint Registry provides a rich dataset for joint replacement surgery

Joint replacement surgery offers significant benefits – getting patients back to their chosen lifestyle sooner, free from pain and with improved mobility. The National Joint Registry (NJR) plays a crucial role in this process.

National Institute for Health Research

Transforming community health services for children and young people who are ill

Children’s community nursing services support children with acute, chronic, complex and end-of-life care needs in the community. This research examined the impact of introducing and expanding CCN services on quality, acute care and costs.


Childline annual review 2015-16: It turned out someone did care

This review looks at what children talk about in counselling sessions. It focuses on some of the biggest and emerging issues of the last year: mental health and wellbeing, sexuality and gender identity and problems at school.

Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee

The value of community pharmacy

This report found that community pharmacies contributed a net value of £3 billion to the NHS, public sector, patients and wider society in England in 2015 through twelve services.

Public Health England

Understanding and preventing drug-related deaths

This report makes recommendations towards addressing the rising number of people dying from drug misuse in England and highlights a number of principles for action by local authorities, drug treatment providers and partner organisations.

Public Health England

Diabetes prevalence model for local authorities and CCGs

This model estimates the total number of adults with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in England. The data shows that whilst 3.8 million people are estimated to have diabetes, approximately 90 per cent of diabetes cases are Type 2.

Royal College of Physicians

Underfunded, underdoctored, overstretched: The NHS in 2016

The NHS in 2016 is under-funded, under-doctored and overstretched. The NHS in 2016 needs a new plan – a plan designed to meet the UK’s health and care needs in the long term, and to value, support and motivate NHS staff.

Scottish Government

The Scottish Health Survey 2015: Volume 1: Main Report

The Scottish Health Survey 2015 report presents statistics on mental health and wellbeing, general health and multiple conditions, dental health, alcohol consumption, smoking, diet, physical activity, obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and accidents.

World Health Organization

Action plan for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases in the WHO European Region

This plan outlines a vision for the prevention and control of long-term conditions and chronic disease in the WHO European Region. It outlines actions which can help to considerably reduce the burden of long-term conditions, improve quality of life and make healthy life expectancy more equitable.

World Health Organization

Prevention of harm caused by alcohol exposure in pregnancy: rapid review and case studies from member states

This report gives an overview of the literature on interventions to prevent alcohol exposure during pregnancy that targets both pregnant and non-pregnant women. It reviews the literature on preventing alcohol exposure in pregnancy from studies published in the last decade and it also presents case studies from eight European countries.

World Health Organization

Women’s health and well-being in Europe: beyond the mortality advantage

This report supports a new strategy with key facts about women’s health and well-being in different parts of the region, it shows the impact of gender based inequalities interacting with social, economic and environmental determinants and it looks at how people-centered health systems can respond to women’s needs across the life-course.

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