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Quality improvement

Quality improvement processes and techniques

Highlighting developments in quality improvement.

Learn more about developments in quality improvement through content giving practice examples, describing tools, learning through innovation and case studies, commentary and statistics.

Audit, reviews, legislation, inspections and regulation

Department of Health

Infected blood scheme reform

The government has announced reforms to payments supporting people who received infected blood during NHS treatment in the 1970s and 1980s.

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

Regulating clinical trials

This briefing describes the new EU Clinical Trial Regulation and the timetable for its implementation and examines its likely impact on the regulation of clinical trials in the UK post-Brexit.

Public Health England

Quality checking health checks for people with learning disabilities

This audit tool consists of six questions and is designed to support practices, primary care liaison staff and health facilitators to improve the uptake and quality of annual health checks, and reduce the health inequalities experienced by people with learning disabilities.

Public Health England

Psychoactive substances in secure mental health settings

This review summarises the latest evidence and makes recommendations for secure mental health service commissioners and providers.

Guidance, innovation and tools

King's Fund

Compassion and innovation in the NHS

Michael West highlights a new programme to support NHS organisations in creating compassionate cultures to stimulate innovation.

NHS England

Action plan on hearing loss: what works guides

This series of guides aims to support employers and service providers in delivering on the recommendations outlined in the plan.

NHS England

New quality of life measure for recovering cancer patients

In a world leading move, quality of life for cancer patients will be tracked as part of ambitious plans by NHS England to radically improve care and support for people once treatment ends.

Public Health England

People with learning disabilities: making reasonable adjustments

These guides explain why reasonable adjustments must be made to health services and what adjustments help people with learning disabilities access services.

World Bank

Drug resistant infections

The World Bank has produced this infographic on the threat posed by antimicrobial resistance.

Practice examples and case studies

Dr Foster

Supporting a trust in turning around mortality issues

Dr Andy Haynes discusses how Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust successfully collaborated with Dr Foster to turn around their mortality issues.

Guardian Health

Reinventing mental health care by putting patients in charge

A personal experience of a mental health service user which helped them to set up and run a suicide crisis centre.


Health systems improvement across the globe: success stories from 60 countries

Following on from 2015’s Healthcare Reform, Quality and Safety: Perspectives, Participants, Partnerships and Prospects in 30 Countries, this book encompasses a global perspective on healthcare while shifting the focus from reform to showcasing success stories of healthcare systems worldwide.

Reports, commentary and statistics

Breast Cancer Now

UK breast cancer progress 'stalling' as NHS continues to miss

According to this report, progress on breast cancer in the UK is 'stalling' as a lack of leadership continues to prevent research breakthroughs from reaching patients and sees the NHS miss clear opportunities to save lives.

British Red Cross

Prevention in action

This report argues that local authorities in England must do more in their areas to provide services that prevent, reduce or delay the need for care and support. It analyses the impact of the Care Act on the provision of preventive services and finds that the Act's vision for prevention is not being fully realised.

Care and Support Alliance

Social workers speak out about the state of care today

The Care and Support Alliance1 and Community Care2 magazine ran an online survey on Community Care’s website between 12 April and 9 June 2017.

Centre for Mental Health

Adult and older adult mental health services 2012-2016

The NHS Benchmarking Network has made their mental health data available to the Centre for Mental Health to provide an independent commentary on what the data suggests about mental health provision in England and Wales between 2012 and 2016.


Britain’s demographic challenge: the implications of the UK’s rapidly increasing population

This report looks at the scale of the growing population of the UK, sets it in historical and international context and considers the challenges that it will present. It considers the implications including the need for new hospitals.

Guardian Health

NHS nurses are too busy to care for patients properly

Survey of 30,000 nurses finds 53% fear quality of care is suffering, and some patients are being left to die alone.

House of Commons

Sustainability and transformation plans and partnerships

This briefing covers the context in which sustainability and transformation partnerships have been developed, their funding and accountability arrangements as well as their progress so far.

Journal of Advanced Nursing

The economic burden of nurse-sensitive adverse events in 22 medical-surgical units

This study sought to estimate the economic burden of nurse-sensitive adverse events (pressure ulcers, falls, medication administration errors, pneumonia and urinary tract infections) in 22 acute-care units in Quebec.

King’s Fund

NHS hospital bed numbers

The number of NHS beds in England has more than halved over the past 30 years. This briefing examines the data on hospital beds, the drivers underpinning the changes obderved and considers whether STP’s proposed bed reductions are realistic.

NHS Clinical Commissioners

Steering towards strategic commissioning: transforming the system

This report sets out CCGs’ vision for the future and what they need to get there at pace so they can deliver more for patients.

NHS Confederation

New care models harnessing technology

Rising demand for services, constrained funding and a multitude of workforce challenges require us to think differently about the way we deliver health and care services to meet people’s needs and expectations.

NHS England

Home-testing kits that detect bowel cancer could almost halve invasive examinations by 2020

A major NHS England funded study is expected to almost halve the number of invasive procedures by 2020 by improving the accuracy of home-testing kits that detect bowel cancer from invisible amounts of blood.

Pharmaceutical Services negotiating Committee

Requirements for providing the Flu Vaccination Service in care homes and other long-stay care facilities

Community pharmacy contractors are allowed under the national Flu Vaccination Service to provide flu vaccinations in care homes and other long-stay care facilities; however, contractors must obtain permission from their local NHS England team.

Public Health England

Social marketing strategy 2017 to 2020

This marketing strategy describes how PHE will use social marketing and health promotion to support the objectives of its business plan and England’s public health system.

Public Health England

A review of new psychoactive substances in secure mental health: summary document

This document reviews the impact of new psychoactive substances (NPS) in secure mental health settings, and makes recommendations for the management of NPS use in these settings.

Public Health England

Quit success rates in England 2007-17

New data published in a University College of London report shows quitting smoking success rates are at their highest for at least a decade, up to 19.8 per cent for the first six months of this year, significantly higher than the average for the past 10 years.

Public Health England

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco: commissioning support pack

This commissioning support pack will help local authorities to develop joint strategic needs assessment and local joint health and wellbeing strategies that effectively address public health issues relating to alcohol, drug and tobacco use.

Public Health England

Cervical screening: supporting women with learning disabilities

This information, originally developed in North Tyneside, is to support women with learning disabilities to access cervical screening.

Public Health England

New liver disease atlas published

PHE has published the 2nd Atlas of Variation in Risk Factors and Healthcare for Liver Disease in England. The Atlas is made up of 39 indicators relating to liver disease, 19 of which show trend data over time. It shows the degree of variation across the country.

Queen’s Nursing Institute

Latest trends in district nurse student numbers announced

The report indicates that the increase in District Nurse student numbers seen in recent years has slowed down.

World Health Organization

Measles no longer endemic in 79% of WHO European Region

In the WHO European Region, 42 of 53 countries have interrupted endemic transmission of measles, and 37 countries have interrupted endemic transmission of rubella as of the end of 2016.

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