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Humanitarian Nursing Award

Humanitarian Nursing Award

Nominees for this award will be a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife or Healthcare Support Worker who has delivered and/or have helped to deliver high quality care to vulnerable populations during times of challenge, for example; disease, disaster, displacement or conflict.  Nominees will have provided humanitarian assistance and will have worked effectively in high threat areas such as conflict zones and/ or humanitarian emergencies. This award is also open to those who are involved in the analysis and understanding of disasters and humanitarian crises through academic study, research and evaluation.  

About the award: This award aims to recognise a Registered Nurse or Health Care Support Worker who has made an outstanding contribution to humanitarian health care undertaken in response to humanitarian crises resulting from conflict, or disaster.  


Registered Nurses and Health Care Support Workers who are working at any level in practice or management settings within Wales.    


Able to demonstrate that their work relates to a relevant health framework and that the approach to care is commensurate with national policy and strategy within health and social care

Through effective leadership able to demonstrate a central contribution to an innovative development that has made a difference to people receiving care

Using a credible evidence-base to under pin under their work or the project for which they are being nominated

Able to demonstrate a safe governance framework of the service or innovation being described for which they are being nominated

Able to demonstrate the impact the work has had on patients, clients, families and colleagues

Through service evaluation, patient involvement and / or other means, be able to demonstrate a positive impact

Demonstrated exceptional courage and devotion to the wounded, sick or disabled in a humanitarian context, for example:

1. Provided exemplary service or a creative and pioneering spirit in the areas of public health or nursing education in a disaster or humanitarian relief zone

2. Carried out an exceptional courageous deed, involving personal self-sacrifice (going beyond the call of duty in the name of humanity and/or charity)

3. Demonstrated a continuous commitment to serving others through acts of selfless service

4. Shown generosity of spirit and dedication by helping improve the quality of life for people in need through the provision of shelter, food, clothing, education or meaningful employment

5. Provided 'hands-on' participation in a significant charitable act or charitable acts directly benefitting an individual, a group or a  community

6. Demonstrated outstanding commitment  and dedication, that makes a significant contribution to leadership associated with the delivery of humanitarian healthcare, by so doing enriching the lives   of others and promoting the humanity of society

7. Carried out a humanitarian act of kindness, without expectation of reward, that has resulted in recognition by the members of a community/family or institution