Supporting Documentation for Tier 2 visa applications

If you need to apply for a Tier 2 visa, you will be required to provide certain documents to the Home Office to support your application.

If you're experiencing difficulties providing any of the documentation, The RCN's Immigration Advice Service can help.

Documentation requirements

When submitting an application to the Home Office it is important to provide relevant supporting documentation to prove that you satisfy the requirements.

All supporting documentation must be:

  • originals and not photocopies
  • in English or Welsh, or accompanied by an official translation
  • genuine, verifiable & must corroborate information on your application form


You will need to submit:

  • your current passport/ travel document
  • your current Biometric Residence Permit
  • 2 passport photographs

Finances and employment

As part of your application you should provide:

  • an original bank/building society statements* for the last three months which show your transactions during the last 90 days prior to submitting an application, and show a balance of at least £945 or above** during the last 3 months and within 31 days of date of application    
  • your P60s
  • your contract of employment

*If online statements are used, they must include account name, number, date of issue and have the official stamp on each page. The bank must also provide a letter confirming the documents are genuine.

**if an employer is an A-rated employer you do not need to evidence £945 but the Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) must confirm the sponsor will maintain and accommodate you and you will not claim benefits.

Police registration

If you have been issued with a Police Registration Certificate and need to register with the police, you must provide this as part of your application

Evidence of your new Tier 2 Sponsorship (if applying for a change of employer)

You must provide your new COS reference number. This confirms: 

  • the date the COS was assigned,
  • your personal information/contact details,
  • your Sponsors full address and
  • your employment start date, job title & pay

Details of any Resident Labour Market test carried out by sponsor should be included; or exemptions if on the Shortage Occupation List

Evidence of your new Tier 2 Sponsorship (if changing your employer)

If changing your employer, you must provide a new Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) reference number which should confirm:

  • the date the COS was assigned to you
  • your personal information/ contact details
  • your sponsor's full address
  • your employment start date, job title and pay.

English language

You will need to submit your secure English language Test certificate at least level B1, for example:

  • Integrated Skills in English certificate
  • Graded Examinations in Spoken English certificate
  • IELTS Life Skills certificate
  • IELTS certificate
  • Degree certificate from a UK university
  • Degree certificate from an English-speaking majority country
  • Degree certificate which is certified by NARIC to be the equal to a UK degree

Change of circumstances

If your circumstances have changed, you must provide evidence of this. For example:

  • statutory Declaration/ Deed Poll certificate
  • Marriage/ Civil partnership/ divorce certificate
  • Birth certificates.

RCN support

Our Immigration Advice Service is here to support and assist RCN members.

If you would like assistance or further information, please contact us. You will need to provide us with your membership number and details of your current immigration status.