Lamplight pre-appointment questionnaire

Please complete the form after you've booked an appointment with the Lamplight team. All the information you provide is treated confidentially.

During your appointment, the adviser will explore other expenditure not asked about on this form. Please consider your monthly spending ahead of your appointment.

Section 1: About you and your circumstances

If you do not have an appointment booked, please type TBC

If you answered yes, please note that you cannot apply for funding through Lamplight for three months after the payment date of your grant from the RCN Foundation COVID-19 Support Fund.

Section 2: Your household

Section 3: Your income (earnings)

Section 4: Your income (savings, capital and other)

An example of capital could be a property you don't live in.

Other income sources could include maintenance for children, or an occupational pension

Section 5: Your income (benefits)

Please enter the monthly amount of any benefits you receive

Section 6: Your partner's income (earnings)

If you do not have a partner living with you, or your partner does not work, then you do not need to complete this section.

Section 7: Your partner's income (benefits)

Please enter the monthly amount of any benefits your partner is receiving

Section 8: Your partner's income (savings, capital and other)

An example of capital could be a property they don't live in.

(e.g. occupational pension, or maintenance)

Section 9: Expenditure

Please enter your monthly expenditure on the following items

(e.g. rent, mortgage, board, etc. Please tell us the amount stated on your contract or agreement. If you’re currently paying a different amount because of benefits or arrears, please tell us the original, contractual figure, not the amount you actually pay.)

(Ignore any benefit you may receive towards this)

(Do not include payments towards arrears.)

(Do not include payments towards arrears.)

(e.g. nursery, registered child minders or childcare provided through school.)

(for children not living with you)

(due to ill health or disability)

(Please exclude fuel costs)

(Please exclude fuel costs)

Please list any debts you may have and how much you pay towards them each month. This may include credit cards, personal loans, store cards, arrears for council tax and utilities.

We appreciate these won't be your only costs. Please have figures for costs not included above to hand at the time of your appointment. You don't need to add them in to the above sections.

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