Disability Coaching

The RCN Peer Support Service offers members coaching to assist with disability related issues that impact upon their ability to remain in, or return to, nursing. Currently we are offering this on a trial basis.

What is coaching?

Coaching is about looking at what you want to achieve and how best to do it; it is about the future rather than the past.

It is not about advice; it is a safe space, time and support to find your own solutions rooted in the belief that you are capable and well resourced.

With your coach, over the telephone, you will have the opportunity to share your current situation and reflect upon it before looking at where you would like to be and how you can get there.

Your coach is there to support you to reach your goals, rather than advise you, but where there is practical knowledge that could assist this will be provided after the session.

If you are wanting support with careers related issues such as being at a careers crossroads and looking at alternative roles, then you should contact our Careers Service who can offer advice and careers coaching.

Who can apply?

Any RCN member with a mid to long term health issue, impairment, disability or neurodiversity that is impacting on their career in nursing can request coaching to explore a disability and work related issue. This includes student and health practitioner members.

Some examples of issues covered are:

  • Disclosing a disability at work
  • Remaining in a role
  • Returning to nursing following ill health
  • Progressing a work issue eg. delays with the implementation of reasonable adjustments
  • Placement related issues for students.

NB – if you are being supported by an RCN Rep or Officer it may not be appropriate for us to provide additional support at this time- but please get in touch and we can discuss this with you.

To request sessions please email peer.support@rcn.org.uk with your RCN membership number, a summary of your situation and what you hope to achieve with the help of coaching.  

Why are we trialing this service?

We know from our work with members who face disability issues that they face additionally challenges at work. We want to gain a fuller picture of what these are, and explore how effective coaching can be at solving them. You receive up to three coaching sessions, in return we gain valuable insight and use this information, along with your evaluation of the sessions, to explore longer term plans for support for our members who find themselves disabled at work. Don’t worry, we will use this data anonymously unless we agree with you to share your personal details.

Speak to other nurses and HCAs with lived experience of disability. 

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