Fair Pay For Nursing for MPs

What nursing staff need from MPs

The RCN represents more than 450,000 members working across health and care in every constituency across the country.  Our members work in hospitals, our communities and in people’s own homes delivering person centred care to all who need it. 

Nursing is vital to the health and wellbeing of the country, and nursing staff have been crucial to the UK’s pandemic response, with thousands of retired professionals and students joining current staff in stepping forward in the fight against COVID-19. 

However, prior to the pandemic, there was an estimated 50,000 registered nursing vacancies in the NHS alone across the UK and thousands more in the independent health and social care sectors too. This is the largest healthcare workforce shortage in the country. 
Funding for our health and care system is a political choice. We want the Government to invest in higher education, to introduce legislation across the UK to address the workforce shortages and achieve staffing for safe and effective care and to pay nursing staff fairly for their skilled and complex roles. 

Our campaign

Our Fair Pay For Nursing campaign is about more than our response to COVID-19.  

The Fair Pay For Nursing campaign is about: 

• recognising the complexity of skill, responsibility and experience demonstrated every day, by nursing support workers, assistant practitioners, nursing associates, registered nurses and all members of the profession.  
• making sure that a safety critical profession can reach safe staffing levels and fill tens of thousands of unfilled nursing jobs. 
• recognising that the salaries of too many nursing professionals has not kept pace with increases to their living costs over the past decade.  

What are we asking for?

The forthcoming Spending Review represents an opportunity for the Government to commit to funding a fair and significant pay rise for nursing staff, and all NHS staff on Agenda for Change terms.  

We are asking Members of Parliament to stand with nursing staff in their local community and publicly support our call for an early and meaningful pay rise. 

Get involved in our campaign

• Write to the Chancellor about the Fair Pay For Nursing campaign
• Support our campaign publicly
• Meet with the RCN and our members from your constituency 
• Attend parliamentary debates and speak about nursing issues
• Raise our campaign in all parliamentary business and promote your support for nursing staff to your constituent

In order to tackle nursing workforce shortages across the UK, urgent action is needed to attract and retain many more nursing staff. 

Following years of real-terms losses, and the largest health crisis the nation has seen in decades, now is the time for nursing staff to receive this early and meaningful pay rise that they deserve. 

We are calling on the UK Government to: 
• Commit to immediate discussions on NHS pay 
• Recognise the importance of tackling vacancies across the NHS and independent health and social care sectors
• Deliver a 2021 deal that reaches nursing staff’s pay packets urgently, helping to retain staff 
• Integrate an NHS pay deal into plans to boost local economies 
• Guarantee a fully funded, ringfenced investment package for pay - allowing all parts of the UK to move forward on NHS pay.

Further resources 

Read the RCN’s submission to HM Treasury’s Comprehensive Spending Review consultation
• Contact the RCN’s Public Affairs team for template letters or to meet with nursing staff in your constituency 
• Show your support on social media by using our campaign hashtag #FairPayforNursing
• Find out more information about the Fair Pay For Nursing campaign
• Read our recent member survey