Rural Health and Social Care

Status: CLOSED
Published: 03 Oct 2018 02:00
Source: The All Party Parliamentary Group on Rural Health and Social Care

A new parliamentary inquiry has been launched into rural health and care. This Inquiry has been established to look at the key issues facing the country in terms of providing good quality and effective health and social care in rural settings.  

Eight key issues are being considered by the Inquiry and are set out below:

1)        What are the needs of rural communities, how are they different from their urban


2)        How are rural health and social care needs currently met?

3)        What is not working in rural communities and why?

4)        Workforce challenges and opportunities

5)        Education and training challenges and opportunities

6)        Structural challenges of fitting current delivery models into a rural setting with different

           needs and challenges

7)        Technology opportunities and challenges

8)        Integration opportunities and threats 


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Deadline to submit feedback to the RCN by 5pm on Wednesday 17 October.

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