Consultation on the five themes - shaping the future of the NMC

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Published: 19 Aug 2019 02:00
Source: Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC)

The NMC is in the process of developing its Five Year Strategy through co-production. The first phase, which was completed at the end of June, involved gathering a wide range of views from a range of stakeholder, professionals on their register and the public.

The RCN response on the first phase of the NMC consultation on their Five Year Strategy is available here.

From this first phase of engagement, five themes have emerged:

  • A dynamic approach to shaping practice
  • Building our relationship with the public
  • Strengthening relationship with our profession
  • Using and sharing research, data and intelligence
  • Closer collaboration with others

The NMC is now consulting on these themes – the second phase of engagement

We would like to provide an opportunity for members to contribute to the RCN's overall response to this phase of the consultation.  Please read the NMC consultation on the draft strategic themes here.

We would appreciate your views and comments on the draft vision and potential priorities identified.  Please indicate if you feel anything has been missed and provide comments on how the NMC should prioritise these activities, for example, how they should be ranked in order of importance.

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