Review of the National Care Standards in Scotland

Status: CLOSED
Published: 26 Oct 2015 00:00
Source: Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Have you heard about the new National Care Standards? 

These new standards will apply in all health and social care settings in Scotland, such as hospitals, surgeries and care homes, so they will affect you wherever you work. This is your opportunity to shape how care you deliver will be measured in the future.

Taking a human rights based approach, the Care Inspectorate and Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) are consulting on the following principles that they propose will underpin the new standards:

I am entitled to be respected 
I am entitled to compassion 
I am entitled to be included 
I am entitled to be treated fairly 
I am entitled to a responsive service 
I am entitled to be safe 
I am entitled to personal wellbeing

Read the principles in full 

We are looking for your views on the principles and how you think they will impact the work you currently do. In particular, we are keen to hear how you think these could be put into practice by nursing staff, what impact they might have on the care you give, and how they could work alongside other standards with which you have to comply.

Email Helen Malo, Policy Officer, at by Tuesday 1 December and help shape the RCN response to the consultation.

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