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Our work

Find out more about the work of the RCN Cancer and Breast Care Forum and the other organisations we work with

What we are currently working on:

•Career and Education Framework for Cancer Nursing – Update framework to include nursing associates and work to have the framework integrated into workforce planning programmes across the UK
•Working in a Breast Cancer Speciality – Update the guideline document
•Working on a number of position statements relating to the work of cancer nurses
•Working with the cytotoxic safety for healthcare professionals group

•Member of the Independent Cancer Taskforce Advisory Group/strategic workforce (England)
•Member of Cancer Surgery Clinical Reference Group, NHS England
•Member of Older People with Cancer Expert Reference Group (UK)
•Member of Cytotoxic healthcare safety research consortium
•Member of Cancer Nursing Partnership
•Member of Advisory group for European Oncology Nursing Society
•Contributor to the All Party parliamentary Group on Specialist Cancer Nurses


Page last updated - 15/05/2019