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  • Helen Ballantyne Helen Ballantyne 18 Jun 2020

    Is it just me?

    This is a brief piece, which is trying to sum up some of the conversations I have had with critical care colleagues about the lifting of lockdown. Many of us have had a difficult time during this pandemic and I noticed that several of us expressed anxiety about starting to move around and see more people. 

  • Helen Ballantyne Helen Ballantyne 8 Jun 2020

    The Kindness of Strangers

    Brief insight into my experiences being redeployed back to ITU during COVID-19 and the support I have been given by existing ITU colleagues.

  • Angela Simpson Angela Simpson 18 May 2020

    When your flight has been delayed .... Indefinitely ……

    The flight nurse industry has changed considerably and rapidly, leaving our nurses facing an abrupt change to their usual global career path and headed back to full time clinical work.

  • Kerryn McGowran Kerryn McGowran 14 May 2020

    Changing times for our critical care and flight nurse forum

    An update on the changing landscape for critical care and flight nurses.

  • Louise Norris Louise Norris 12 May 2020

    Positivity amongst the chaos

    A look back at 5 weeks of working as part of the NHS Nightingale Teaching Faculty, what I have learned and how positivity has helped keep me and those around me get through this difficult time. 

  • Dawn Heeger Dawn Heeger 11 May 2020

    Celebrating Nurses!

    The celebration of nurses in the Year of the Nurse and midwife and also for International Nurses’ Day.

  • Dawn Heeger Dawn Heeger 21 Apr 2020


    A topical reflection on my journey as a Medical Case manager and flight nurse returning to practice clinically in ICU and on the Teaching Faculty of the NHS Nightingale Hospital during the COVID19 pandemic.  

  • Kerryn McGowran Kerryn McGowran 7 Apr 2020

    Resources for Critical Care and Flight Nurses

    Resources for Critical Care and Flight Nurses

  • Kerryn McGowran Kerryn McGowran 20 Mar 2020

    Flight Nurse network meeting March 2020

    Flight Nurse Network Meeting March 2020

  • Giles Hill Giles Hill 5 Mar 2020

    Medically Stable and Security Safe

    Medically Stable and Security Safe