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How we represent forum members

  • Providing professional representation at a strategic level.
  • Ensuring that the voice of nursing is heard in all relevant professional forums.
  • Working with other organisations to develop policy and guidance.
  • Organising study events to share best practice.
  • Providing an opportunity to network with other critical care and flight nurses.
During April 2019 the steering committee for the Critical Care and Flight Nursing Forum (CCFN) held their annual strategy meeting to discuss and decide the action plan for the year ahead. The committee members hold a range of qualifications and work in a variety of areas within critical care and flight nursing. We all have our own particular areas of interest, so narrowing down our plan of work can be challenging with so much enthusiasm and passion for different topics in the room! 

We work closely with Suman Shrestha who is the Professional Lead for Acute, Emergency and Critical Care at the RCN. He has a busy role to play coordinating the ambitions of the forum with the administration and wider strategy of the RCN. Suman also provides a link between the CCFN forum and several critical care nursing associations and he keeps us up to date with their projects and priorities which offers the opportunity for collaborative working. 

Our priority within the forum is to reach out to members and listen to their needs so we may ensure that our events and projects are as relevant and useful as possible. Firstly, we will be running the ever popular flight nursing study day in October 2019. This is always well attended by both experienced flight nurses and those looking to learn more about this exciting and rewarding line of work. In addition to the study day, we will also be launching a flight nursing networking event with the aim of initiating broad industry wide conversations around standards, competencies and personal safety. 

The CCFN forum covers a large remit of nursing and forum members have bought a wide range of topics to our attention mainly through out Facebook pages. However, there are only so many hours in the day and the committee are all volunteers, so at the strategy day three key topics were prioritised for the upcoming year. They are managing fatigue in nursing, providing career advice for prospective flight nurses and offering information on professional indemnity. 

Alongside all of this, we hope to collaborate with other forums where relevant. Sharing knowledge and experience is surely one of the biggest advantages of belonging to a RCN forum and working with other forums widens our scope to address some of the bigger issues affecting critical care and flight nurses today. 

We hope to meet as many of you as possible at one of our upcoming events. Please do not hesitate to contact us should there be anything you would like us to address in the future. We are always keen to hear the views and opinions of our forum members. 

Best wishes 

Kerryn, Dawn and Helen
Critical Care and Flight Nursing Steering Committee  

Page last updated - 13/11/2019