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What we are currently working on:

Every Nurse an eNurse (ENeN)

In 2016, Congress passed the resolution ‘Every Nurse an eNurse’ and this has become the primary workstream of the RCN eHealth Forum. ENeN strives to help nurses and related professions successfully navigate the challenges of eHealth. By helping to position nursing closer to the heart of digital transformation, ENeN provokes debate about the role of nursing in eHealth, what it means for the profession and showcases examples of where the nursing perspective has led the way in enabling the very best in eHealth practices for the benefit of patients, clinical services, clinicians and researchers.  

The 3 pillars of ENeN are:

  1. People expect the best in technologically enabled care
  2. Modern nursing and midwifery requires digital capabilities
  3. Clinical needs must shape the design and operation of eHealth  

By highlighting and sharing learning from projects which deal with these three pillars in some aspect we aim to engage the nursing workforce, influence policy and publish useful guidance for nurses involved either in delivering digitally enabled services or in the thick of the fight to influence and design it.  

Page last updated - 11/12/2019