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Our strategy and how we represent our forum members

Find out about the Nurses in Management and Leadership Forum's plans and how forum members are represented

The Forum recognises that all RCN members will need to develop management and leadership qualities throughout their career regardless of whether they occupy formal management or leadership positions.

As a forum we exist to

Formulate thinking and responses relating to current health care challenges
Interpret information to influence practice and care delivery
Be a conduit for management and leadership information to our members
Influence and challenge professional thinking relating to management and leadership policy development
Recognise and advance the capabilities and potential of our members to deliver excellent leadership and management 
Connect forum members and encourage engagement across all networks

Our aim is to

Support members in recognising and developing their capabilities to demonstrate leadership qualities regardless of their position 
Connect forum members and encourage collective engagement to share information to unlock their capabilities.


Page last updated - 05/03/2020