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Our work

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How we represent Society members

  • Providing research leadership and expertise to support the RCN's strategic intent to influence the development of practice and policy from an evidence base.
  • Supporting and meetings the needs of the Society's members.
  • Providing a network for sharing experiences and learning and development opportunities.

Our strategy

  • Organising the annual RCN International Nursing Research Conference.
  • Contributing to the annual Winifred Raphael Public Lecture.
  • Participating in consultations.
  • Developing resources lists relating to research for the RCN Library.
  • Disseminate news of funding opportunities and forthcoming research events.
  • Supporting clinical research nursing (CRN) through the newly developed CRN sub-committee.
  • Engaging in social media via our Facebook group and Twitter feed.

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What we are currently working on:

  • Making arrangements for the annual international nursing research conference to be held in 2021.
  • Continued development of the impact case studies with the Cancer and Breast Care Forum and the Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum with a plan to expand this work with other forums.
  • Continue to support the Research Society sub-committee for clinical research nurses with their work plan for 2020; role recognition, staffing and funding, culture - engaging with research and career pathways.
  • Publish the updated work on career pathways for nurses.

Clinical research nurses

Information and resources for clinical research nurses.

Recent activity

  • The annual international nursing research conference was held in Sheffield in September 2019 and attracted 384 delegates from a range of countries. This was the 60th annual research event held by the RCN; a very significant achievement.
  • The Winifred Raphael Memorial public Lecture (WRML) was held in Sheffield in September 2019. The lecture was given by Professor Aisha Holloway.
  • A Research Society sub-committee for clinical research nurses was established in June 2019.
  • Work to develop the visibility of the impact of research in clinical practice, led by the Research Society in collaboration with the Cancer and Breast Care Forum and the Gastrointestinal Nursing Forum, has progressed substantially.
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