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Agenda Committee nomination form

Nominations are open for four vacancies on the RCN Agenda Committee. 

About the RCN Agenda Committee

The RCN Agenda Commitee develops the agenda for Congress. 

Choosing your nominator and supporters

Your nomination must be supported by one nominator and two other supporters. These must be registered voting members for RCN Congress 2019, from three different recognised submitting entities:

  • RCN Branch
  • RCN Forum
  • RCN UK Students Committee
  • RCN UK Health Practitioner Committee
  • RCN UK Stewards Committee
  • RCN UK Safety Representatives Committee
  • RCN UK Learning Representatives Committee.

Submitting entities may support more than one candidate.

Acceptance and declaration

In submitting this form I accept the nomination and declare that I:

  1. have been registered to attend Congress on at least two occasions in the four previous years (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016)
  2. will not serve on any of the following committees during my term of office as an Agenda Committee member: RCN Council, UK Stewards Committee , UK Safety Representatives Committee, UK Learning Representatives Committee, or any Forum steering committee
  3. am paying a full payment plan in any membership category
  4. will have been a current member of the RCN for at least three consecutive years immediately prior to the closing date for nominations
  5. have not served on the Agenda Committee for two previous consecutive terms or for more than the equivalent of three full  terms (i.e. no more than six years, in total)
  6. do not hold office in any organisation which competes with the RCN for members or which, in the opinion of Council, propounds policies which are in conflict with the main objects of the RCN's Royal Charter and its overall philosophies
  7. have not held a permanent salaried contract of employment or a fixed term/zero hours contract for longer than six months with the RCN during the two years prior to the election period*
  8. am able and willing, if elected, to fulfil the role and commitments as set out in the role descriptor and to adhere to all RCN policies
  9. have discussed the implications of standing for election with my employer  and confirm that my employer is willing to support me in carrying out this role if I am successful
  10. have discussed and agreed with the RCN in advance of submitting my   nomination any special requirements I may have to enable me to fulfil the commitments of the office
  11. will declare if I am subject to an NMC caution order or subject to ongoing disciplinary proceedings at work or with the NMC
  12. know of no reason why I cannot stand for election (including those in the RCN’s Royal Charter Schedule of Rules 1)
  13. will stand down from my role when elected should I fail to meet any of the above criteria during my term of office.

*A person is a salaried member of staff if they receive payment of any kind, and not necessarily financial, in return for service to the RCN. This includes secondees whose employers may receive payment from the RCN to compensate them for loss of the secondee’s services, and any person paid on a self-employed basis, either full or part time.