RCN Trade Union Committee

RCN Trade Union Committee


The candidates below have been nominated for election to the RCN Trade Union Committee

Voting for contested seats is now open until Wednesday 20 November 2019. Members who are eligible to vote should have received a voting email from ERS ("Online Voting") but you can access the voting site directly at ersvotes.com/rcntuc19. Just use your RCN membership number plus 1, 2 or 3 leading zeros to make it eight digits long (e.g. 00123456 if your membership number is 123456) as Security Code Part One, and the last four characters of your postcode excluding the space (e.g. G0RN if your postcode is W1G 0RN) as Security Code Part Two.

Where only one member in a constituency has been nominated, the candidate has been duly elected unopposed.

Northern Ireland

Denise Kelly (PDF 241 KB) - elected unopposed


Alistair Grant (PDF 198 KB)
Graham Revie (PDF 223 KB)

South East

Liz Jeremiah (PDF 214 KB) - elected unopposed

South West

Vicky Brotherton (PDF 190 KB)
Jeni Watts (PDF 227 KB)


Heather Massie (PDF 177 KB)
Elisha Woolf (PDF 207 KB)


Jackie Davies (PDF 165 KB)
Ceri Dolan (PDF 176 KB)
Gaynor Jones MBE (PDF 176 KB)

West Midlands

Tracey Budding (PDF 204 KB)
Phil Cole (PDF 216 KB)

Yorkshire and the Humber

Carol Popplestone (PDF 183 KB) - elected unopposed


Find out more

To explain more about the committee we have produced a brochure which you may find helpful.

There is also a role descriptor which goes into more detail about what qualities we are looking for in committee members.

You can also read the committee's terms of reference

For full information on the election and its timeline, please read the election procedure or the Student seat election procedure.

If you have any further queries please contact RCN Governance on elections@rcn.org.uk or 020 7647 3644.

20 November Voting ends