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  • Money matters at Christmas Claire Cannings Claire Cannings 7 Dec 2016

    Money matters at Christmas

    RCN Senior Welfare Advisor Claire Cannings on dealing with financial pressures this festive season.

  • Taking action on abuse Carmel Bagness Carmel Bagness 25 Nov 2016

    Taking action on abuse

    As the international community raises awareness of the need to eliminate violence towards women, Carmel Bagness blogs on the impact domestic abuse can have on nursing staff.

  • Self Care Tanja Koch Tanja Koch 16 Nov 2016

    Stay self-care aware

    How a recent health scare taught RCN Counsellor Tanja Koch about the danger of neglecting her own needs.

  • Back care Kim Sunley Kim Sunley 6 Oct 2016

    Back Care Aware

    Preventing back and other musculoskeletal injuries is a win, win situation for all, says Kim Sunley.

  • Work life balance Sarah Murphy Sarah Murphy 3 Oct 2016

    Balancing act

    Striking a good work-life balance in a hectic workplace can be tough, but there are small changes everyone can make to ease the strain, says Sarah.

  • Student on placement Hannah Andrews Hannah Andrews 7 Sep 2016

    A new generation

    A new intake of nursing students is the perfect opportunity to impart the knowledge we all have as skilled nursing staff, says Hannah.

  • Kim Sunley Kim Sunley 18 Jul 2016

    Take care in the heat

    As temperatures soar, remember to keep hydrated, writes Kim Sunley.

  • Kim Sunley Kim Sunley 12 Jul 2016

    Dealing with work-related violence

    Work-related violence may come with the territory. But don’t ignore the effect it can have on nursing staff, writes Hannah.

  • Nicola Lee Nicola Lee 7 Jul 2016

    Disability Awareness

    How aware of disability in health care are we? asks Nicola Lee

  • Nicola Lee Nicola Lee 6 Jun 2016

    Caring for the carers

    Is your workplace carer friendly? asks Nicola Lee