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Video and film collection

The Video Collection held at the Royal College of Nursing comprises around 230 VHS cassettes.  These were primarily teaching videos produced by the Royal College of Nursing to support its teaching activities.  Often these were broadcast on the BBC, and had printed supplements that further explained the subject matter covered in the programme.  Series included: the RCN Nursing Update Series, the RCN Clinical Series, and RCN-produced one-off programmes.

The RCN Nursing Update Series had 94 learning units which focused primarily on public health.  Topics covered included child, women and men's health issues, also specific conditions such as asthma, cancer, continence, contraception, sexual health, migraine, meningitis and epilepsy.  It also reflected concerns of the time, such as counselling, HIV-AIDs, smoking, aromatherapy and includes infection control, the Nurses role in organ donation and dealing with violence at work.  

Films of/for RCN events are also included, such as the royal visit to the RCN in 2005 and 'Nursing a new age: seventy-five years of the Royal College of Nursing'.

Please note that the Nursing Update and Clinical Series videos do not reflect current practice.