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Animal Assisted Interventions

‘Animals are used to help humans in different ways. Studies suggest that the effects of pet ownership can be beneficial to physical, social and psychological wellbeing. Research has found that stroking a pet can be relaxing and can result in a reduction in blood pressure. The presence of pets can also promote social interaction and reduce psychological responses to anxiety’ Hall & Malpus (2000) Pets as therapy: effects on social interaction p. 2220. Use this guide to find information resources about animal assisted interventions including books, journal articles and reports.

Last updated: 10/01/2022

Key Resources

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Pets as therapy
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Chandler animal assisted

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Fine handbook

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Avery 2018

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RCN Public Lecture: From detection dogs to therapy pets: animals in health.

BBC News: Don't be scared to let animals on wards, say nurses (21st June 2017).

BBC News: Polmont inmates to train dogs in bid to boost behaviour (25th November 2010).

PetsAsTherapy Flickr (photos).

Animal Assisted Therapy Programs of Vienna (2016) Publications and recommended reading webpage.

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