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Nursing London


Celebrating the profession and the fantastic opportunities across the city

Nursing in London - why it's the best place

Here at RCN London our latest campaign profiles nursing staff from a range of health and care settings across the city and shares their personal and moving stories behind their motivations to choose nursing as a career. 

Our campaign is supported by NHS England, CapitalNurse and a number of trusts around London and through it we are going to change the narrative around nursing and health care by promoting nursing for the brilliant career it is. 

We want you to get involved!

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Email us – If you want to go into more depth and share your personal story, email Sarah in the London Region us and tell us.

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#NursingLondon - the best place to be a nurse

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan supports #NursingLondon

Kafeelat Adekunle

Community Matron

Kafeelt has been nursing for 33 years, and currently works as a Community Matron in South East London. Read her story

Parminder Sahota

Parminder Sahota

Safeguarding Adult Lead

Parminder found her way into nursing through work experience at a mental health trust. Read her story.

Lucy Evans

Lucy Evans

Endocrine Nurse, Gender Identity Clinic,

Since the beginning of 2018, Lucy has worked at Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. Read her story

Manda Dunne

Manda Dunne

Anaesthetic and Recovery Nurse

Manda wanted to be a nurse from the age of three and has worked in the NHS for 43 years. Read her story.

Josephine Guzman

Josephine Guzman

CNS - Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Josephine was a ballet dancer before she came to London to do her nurse training. Read her story.

Georgina Ledwith

Georgina Ledwith

Adult Nurse

Georgina recently completed her nursing degree and has been working as an Adult Nurse since March 2018. Read her story

Orla Hillary

Orla Hillary

Intensive Care Nurse

Orla has been an Intensive Care Nurse since she completed her training after moving to London from Ireland. Read her story

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