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London Mayoral Election

Now is your chance to make sure nursing is high on the political agenda of the incoming Mayor of London

Londoners need a Mayor who will use their powers to support the capital's nursing community. 

London is a great city to live and work in, there is a uniqueness to London’s nursing community, but there are also challenges. The London Mayoral election is coming up on 6 May 2021

If you live in Greater London, now is your chance to make sure nursing is high on the political agenda of the incoming Mayor.

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London Mayoral Election

The Mayor of London has a number of responsibilities that can have a big impact on the capital’s population. This includes responsibility for transport, police, civil defence and fire services, planning, economic and social development and the improvement of the environment.

It's high profile role as the Mayor acts as a spokesperson for the capital, both nationally and internationally. They have the largest personal mandate of any politician in the UK, with a constituency of 6.2 million voters.

The Mayor is elected for a fixed term of 4 years (usually, but the last term was 5 years because of COVID-19), so people living in Greater London won’t get this chance again for a while.  

Although the Mayor has no responsibility for delivering health and care services, the Mayor is in a great position to challenge and champion the healthcare needs of Londoners and support nursing staff.  

The Mayor has some key powers that affect the quality of life of nursing staff, such as housing and transport policies. In 2019 you told us accommodation and transport were the two main reasons why you were considering leaving London. Read our recommendations in our Living in the Red report. 

The Mayor is responsible for running Transport for London (encompassing the Tube, DLR, London Overground, TFL Rail and Tram), so could grant free travel on these.  The Mayor also has a role in helping to deliver affordable homes for Londoners.

So yes, the Mayor certainly will have powers that could make a difference to you.  

The Mayor of London can be a champion for nursing staff and can challenge the government. The next Mayor must pressure the government to support Fair Pay for Nursing and advocate for increasing staffing levels in the capital. To find out more information about the different campaigns click on the links below:

The London Mayoral election is taking place on 6 May. 

If you live in Greater London and you are on the electoral register you can vote in the Mayor of London elections.  

You can register to vote online in just a few minutes.  

Your application to vote must be received by 19 April. 

The are a number of candidates who are running for the Mayor of London election. To see them all click here. 

These are the leading candidates, you can click on their names to go to their campaign pages: 

Shaun Bailey - Conservative 

Sian Berry - Green 

Sadiq Khan - Labour 

Luisa Porritt - Liberal Democrat 

On 6 May you’ll also have the opportunity to vote for Assembly Members who are responsible for holding the Mayor to account, making sure the Mayor delivers on promises made to Londoners. You can find out more about the London Assembly and its work here
You can find more information about the voting system for London Assembly members here. 

Take action now

Support our campaign to get the leading mayoral candidates to put nursing high on their political agenda.

There are lots of ways in which you can show your support:

Speak up for nursing logo 

Video from RCN London Board Chair Jim Blair

Read our open letter to London Mayoral Candidates 

Your RCN London Board Chair Jim Blair has written to all candidates running to be the next London Mayor calling on them to put nursing high on their agenda.

Read the open letter now.

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Page last updated - 07/05/2021