Jonathan Bowker from the RCN’s case management team explains how our new system, coming later this year, will support learning reps, safety reps and stewards

Work has started on our new case management system (CMS). It will be up and running by the end of the year, with further developments coming in early 2022, and will bring many benefits for RCN reps. It will replace the current CMS used by RCN stewards and will be available to learning reps and safety reps too. 

The new system is being built in-house by our development team with input from the RCN UK reps committees so it can deliver the changes reps have told us they want to see. Overall, it will be easier to use, more intuitive and will offer a lot more in terms of functionality.

What are the benefits?

The new CMS will offer a better way of working for reps, members and staff.

On the current system, stewards can only record cases. By early 2022, the new system will let all reps, including learning reps and safety reps, record activity outside of casework too, such as raising issues with an employer. You’ll be able to record any important decisions in the system and keep others informed of what’s happening in your workplace. All rep supervision will also be recorded online within the system.

The system will link in with your new rep email accounts and you’ll be able to access it securely on your mobile phone without the need for multiple logins. 

We want the process of securely sharing information to be as easy as possible

When it comes to case work, RCN stewards have told us that it’s sometimes difficult to view, send and receive documents related to a members’ case. We want reps to be able to access any documents they need in one place and for the process of securely sharing information to be as easy as possible for you and the members you’re supporting. 

You’ll be able to generate and send emails and letters from within the new CMS, and members will be able to upload their own documents directly, or view documents you’ve sent them, through a portal on the RCN website. 

Advisers from our nursing department or RCN Direct, RCN officers, and staff from our legal team will also be able to view and work on cases in the same system, working with reps in a more joined-up way, without having to look for information in different places. 

The new system will be more intuitive offering other benefits, such as reminders. For example, if you haven’t completed an action on a case for a number of weeks, you’ll receive a notification. 

What do I need to do?

If you have set up your new email account and you’re already using it, then there’s nothing else to do at the moment – just look out for more information. Later this year, we’ll be setting up training sessions, initially for stewards and then for learning and safety reps. You’ll be sent information by your local RCN office or through the RCN Reps Hub. 

If you have an email account but you haven’t set it up yet or if you don’t yet have an account, read below. 

What do I need to know about the new email addresses for reps?

All RCN stewards should receive their new RCN email account ( by the end of April. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to set up your account now so you’re ready when we roll out training for the new CMS. Our IT team is on hand if you need support. Details can be found in the email you’ve received to tell you your new account is ready.

These upgraded accounts can be accessed from a mobile phone and allow reps to keep in contact with members in a secure and flexible way. The accounts include a calendar function and can receive diary appointments allowing easier access to Microsoft Teams meetings.

RCN learning reps and safety reps can request an RCN email account now if they’d like to, by sending a request to: You will need to include your name, membership number and contact details.

Jonathan Bowker
RCN Programme Manager (Member Journey)

Take a look

If you want to find out more about how our new rep email accounts can help you manage and organise your reps work, watch our short video.

We’ve also produced a video to show you the development of the new CMS so far, and how RCN stewards will be able to use the system and its benefits. Watch the CMS video.

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