8 things you need to know about the NHS pay deal

NHS pay deal means more money for all

Every member working for the NHS in England will get a pay rise. Around 50%, who are at the top of their bands, will get 6.5% over three years. Others could get much more, up to 29%.

It’s because the number of pay points in each band is being reduced. So, over three years, some points will disappear. If you’re on a point that goes, you’ll automatically move up, so get more money.

The deal means different pay increases for different people. Find out what you can expect to get by using the NHS joint union pay calculator

NHS pay deal means quicker progress through bands

The pay structure is being simplified as part of the deal. The number of points in each band is being reduced, so you’ll be on the highest rate for your band sooner and get more money faster.

Overlaps between pay bands are being removed so when you’re promoted you’ll be properly rewarded for it.

NHS pay deal means higher starting salaries

The deal comes with higher starting salaries for each band, which will help attract new staff to nursing roles.

For the first time in the NHS in England, the lowest paid rates will be above the living wage.

Band 1 roles are being phased out, with all staff being moved to band 2 by 2021.

NHS pay deal mean unsocial hours payments are protected

There has been talk of attacks on unsocial hours payments for a number of years. However, we know how vital these payments are to you and for the RCN, this was a red line in negotiations. We successfully protected unsocial hours payments in this deal. 

 NHS pay deal means annual leave is untouched

You may have heard that staff would have to sacrifice a day of annual leave as part of this deal. This is not the case. The RCN defended your entitlement to annual leave and it will stay the same. 

NHS pay deal is for England only

The deal is for staff working for the NHS in England only. However, it provides funding for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to replicate the pay framework if employers, governments and trade unions agree to it.

We think you should accept it

This is the best pay deal in eight years from a Government that is still committed to austerity. It gives nursing staff a higher pay rise than any other public sector workers have been offered.

Failure to accept it will put us back to square one, and at risk of returning to the 1% pay rises we’ve fought so hard to overturn.

The deal delivers a modernised pay system, better starting salaries, faster progress to the top of pay bands, promotion that means promotion, and a pay increase for everyone.

The RCN is urging its members to accept the deal. 

Have your say on the NHS pay deal

NHS trade unions will be consulting their members about the NHS pay deal soon. The RCN is no different. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be running events to explain the deal and get your views. Details of these will be made available at www.rcn.org.uk/nursing-pay

Then on 23 April it’ll go to a vote. Each member working in the NHS in England will be asked to respond yes or no to a single question in an online survey. You’ll need your membership number to respond. This can be found on your membership card, inside the front cover of your RCN handbook or by calling the RCN membership team on 0345 7726 100.

Find out more

To find out more about the deal and how it affects nursing staff, visit www.rcn.org.uk/nursing-pay

For full details of the NHS pay deal for England, and to access the pay calculator, visit www.nhspay.org