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Meaningful activity in care homes: new RCN guide

New clinical guidance from the RCN Older People’s Forum explains the basics of meaningful activity and how you can use it to support people in your care.

Older people exercising

The RCN has created new guidance to help care home staff deliver meaningful activity for their residents. 

Meaningful activity refers to physical, social and leisure activities that are tailored to the interests, needs and abilities of each person in a care home setting.

The online guide was created by the RCN Older People’s Forum and explains what meaningful activity is, its many benefits, plus offers links to ideas and resources.

Meaningful activity includes cultural pursuits, such as book clubs, art sessions and quizzes, or light exercise such as walking and gardening. It can also include discussing memories and learning more about residents. 

Supporting residents to maintain independence in daily activities such as laying the table, making the bed and dressing are also vital forms of meaningful activity.

“Meaningful activity should be a routine aspect of care and support,” says Sarah Winfield-Davies, one of the RCN Older People’s Forum members who led on writing the guidance.

“Although the guidance was created with care homes in mind, meaningful activity should be considered in any care or support setting.”