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Nominations are now open for seats on both the Professional Nursing Committee and the Trade Union Committee. We caught up with committee members Rachel Hollis and Karen Sanders to find out why it’s something you should consider…

Rachel Hollis FRCN
Vice Chair, RCN Professional Nursing Committee (PNC)

Rachel Hollis

Why did you want to join the committee?

I believe the RCN has a really important role to play as a professional body – we are the voice of nursing, and at a time when there’s a lot of changes taking place in health care, that voice needs to be strong. 

I sometimes think the professional work of the College has less focus than its trade union function and I felt by joining the PNC, I would be able to help strengthen our professional arm.

What was your previous involvement with the RCN?

I’m a long-standing member of the RCN Children and Young People Specialist Care Forum and I’ve previously served two terms as its Chair. The PNC is currently working on strengthening its relationship with all RCN forums. They make such a huge contribution to the professional work of the College so we need to make that strong connection.

I’m also an RCN Fellow and sit on the RCN Fellow’s Co-ordinating Committee. This works well because I can make sure the PNC is linking in with our fellows and the College is using the experience and knowledge of its fellows effectively.

Who should apply?

We’re looking for people who have a real sense of their professional identity. The great thing about this role is it gives you the chance to get involved in work that will take you to the heart of the RCN. 

You can be from any field and it doesn’t matter how much experience you have. Having some knowledge of how the RCN works can be helpful but it’s not essential and sitting on this committee will certainly improve that knowledge.

The great thing about this role is it gives you the chance to get involved in work that will take you to the heart of the RCN

Karen Sanders 
London member, RCN Trade Union Committee

Karen sanders

Why did you want to join the committee?

It was the governance element that appealed to me. I’m really interested in improving issues like pay and safe staffing for members so I decided I wanted to take more of a leadership role in tackling these. 

It’s been really rewarding to meet other committee members from across the UK and gain a greater understanding of the issues in each of the four countries. I also wanted to be more involved in looking at how the College can develop our rep roles.

What was your previous involvement with the RCN?

I first became active with the RCN as a forum member and then I joined the London Board. I’m also a learning rep and I’ve previously been on the RCN UK Learning Reps Committee. While on that committee I became more involved and interested in the trade union activity of the RCN.

Who should apply?

Anyone who feels passionate about trade union issues and has an interest in the governance structure of the RCN. Some prior knowledge of the RCN is helpful but it’s not vital. 

We need people with a range of experience and from a range of roles because we need to understand how issues affect every area of health and social care. To be a committee member you need to be resilient. It’s a big time commitment so it’s important that you’re dedicated and want to do the work.

More information

The Professional Nursing Committee (PNC) and Trade Union Committee (TUC) were formed at the start of 2018 and report into RCN Council.

The PNC is the RCN’s decision-making body for professional issues and provides leadership on the RCN’s work in this area. The TUC makes decisions on the RCN’s trade union functions and activities and helps the College to develop as a modern progressive trade union.

Put yourself forward

Nominations for both committees close on Friday 4 October.

Find out more about nominations for the Professional Nursing Committee

Find out more about nominations for the Trade Union Committee

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