Five reasons to vote

The NHS pay deal for England is here and it’s time for you to have your say. You can now vote to accept or reject the deal in an online consultation. Here’s why you should take part.

You are the RCN logo

The RCN is a membership organisation. That’s why all major decisions are made by members for members. We need to know what you think so we can make an informed choice about what to do next. 

It’s no good being happy with the deal and staying silent. Or reserving your rants about it for your colleagues. Only by voting in this consultation can we get a true picture of what our members think. Allow us to represent you properly. Go online and vote

Your views are vital logo

A poor turnout will tell us nothing. It’s absolutely crucial that all affected members have their say so next steps can be based on fact, rather than assumptions on the views of those who haven’t voted. 

Members of the RCN’s Trade Union Committee will be considering the vote results and want to make a decision that truly reflects what members think. Not a small proportion of affected members, but all affected members. Please exercise your right to have your say. 

The deal affects everyone differently logo

The deal means different things to different people, dependent on what pay band and spine point they’re on. For most at the top of their band, they’ll get a 6.5% pay increase over the three years. For some people the reforms to the pay structure mean they will see their pay rise by far more than 6.5%.

The best way to find out how the deal will affect you is to use the pay calculator on the NHS Pay website. Don’t let someone else decide whether the deal is right for you, decide for yourself and vote in the online consultation

We need to grab the opportunity logo

The last major reform of NHS pay, terms and conditions was the introduction of Agenda for Change in 2004. Since then austerity and public sector pay policy have limited pay increases to 1%. Given the political and economic uncertainty around Brexit, we need to grab the opportunity for such far reaching changes.

The Government has agreed to fully fund this deal with £4.2 billion of extra money. That’s if the deal is accepted by NHS trade unions. If it’s rejected, it’s not clear what will happen next and whether the money will still be set aside for NHS pay. 

It's not just for now, but for the future logo

The deal seeks to improve the NHS pay structure for now and years to come. Improved starting salaries will make nursing a more attractive career choice and the developing skills of people in each band will be rewarded quicker with increased pay. 

We’ve been worried for some time about potential attacks on unsocial hours payments, annual leave entitlement and sick pay. All these have been protected as part of this deal.

The RCN believes this is the best deal that can be negotiated in a time of continued austerity

Chair of the RCN Trade Union Committee Lors Allford says: "We know the deal isn’t perfect, but it’s realistic in the current economic climate.

"It’s the highest public sector pay deal in 10 years from a Government still committed to austerity. It gives significant cash to overlooked NHS staff without making any unpalatable demands in return.

“This isn’t about imposing a deal on members, though we are recommending they accept it. What’s most important is that members vote. The RCN is its members and we will listen.”

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