A professional voice

Tracie Culpitt is ensuring the views of the whole nursing workforce are heard in the RCN

Tracie isn’t afraid of a challenge and she isn’t afraid to speak out. As the representative for HCAs on the RCN’s new professional nursing committee, she’s ready to help the whole nursing workforce improve patient care, education and standards.

“The committee will bring us all together to make sure the job is done safely,” she says. “We won’t be afraid to ask questions and get people involved, while remembering there is life outside the NHS and not everything happens in England!”


Tracie, a former London representative on the RCN Health Practitioner Committee, has the drive needed for her exciting new role. And she has experience on the ground; in her role at Kings College, she mentors staff on bands two to four, who come from similar backgrounds to her. It’s clear she’s passionate about making the working lives of HCAs better.

What does the professional committee do?

It makes decisions about the work the RCN does to improve nursing practice and patient care. It considers the clinical issues that face the nursing profession and makes suggestions about how they should be tackled.

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Words by Sharon Palfrey


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