Time for a change?

The RCN has online career resources especially for nursing support workers

Get started

Take a look at our information on career paths which compares the nursing associate, nursing apprentice and assistant practitioner roles, with key facts and advice for each.

Give your CV a makeover
Download a sample CV for nursing support workers, or blank template CVs with step-by-step instructions.

Members can also get personalised feedback on CVs, by email or on the telephone, to help make sure you really sell yourself.

Find out more and get tips on content, structure, layout and more.

Use a careers coach

If you feel stuck in a career rut, consider talking to an RCN careers coach. They won’t tell you what to do, but help you reflect upon your current situation, where you would like to be, and how you could get there.

They can also work through coaching exercises to help you pin down what makes you tick or identify your strengths and skills. 

They can help with interview technique and can even give you constructive feedback on your application before you submit it too. Find out more.

Perfect your prose
To take the stress out of writing a personal statement, download a sample, which shows an example of a health care assistant applying for an assistant practitioner role. 

Get more advice on writing applications.

Get ready for interview
Take a look at sample questions especially for nursing support workers.

Take a look at what others have done

Dave has been a health care assistant working on various wards in a mental health NHS trust for six years.

He’s been keen to develop his knowledge and skills and has spoken to the ward manager and the practice development team about this.

He’s attended in-house study days but hasn’t had the opportunity to develop his skills more formally.

Sound familiar? If so, find out how Dave can develop his skills to become a nursing associate on the RCN careers resource for nursing support workers

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