RCN pocket diary

The RCN pocket diary works on an opt-in basis. If you want to recieve a pocket diary you'll need to register to receive diary through MyRCN. Simply tick the opt-in box which is at the bottom under 'My details'.

To receive a 2016 pocket diary you need to opt in by the 1 October 2015.

Listening to our members

All members used to receive a pocket diary automatically. However, when we asked members if you use and want it, the answer was split right down the middle. With around half of you valuing it, we thought the best idea was to allow you to choose if you want to continue receiving it.

Will I have to opt in every year?

No, once you’ve opted in, you will not need to do it again. If you change your mind you can also untick the opt-in box at anytime.
However, we will be reviewing the system depending on the number of opt-ins we receive. If we need to make changes, will we notify you as soon as possible and issue reminders as appropriate.