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The membership payment plan for health practitioners (such as health care assistants and assistant practitioners) in their first year of RCN membership.

Eligibility criteria and exclusions

This membership category is only available to health practitioners in their first year of membership.

Health practitioner members are those not eligible for nurse or student membership. To qualify for this membership you must also meet the following criteria:

In Northern Ireland you must:

In Scotland you must:

Period of availability

This payment plan will be available for one year from the date of joining. The member will then be transferred to health practitioner full membership after the first full year of membership.

Membership subscription

Annual rate: £49.21 (£39.37 after tax relief*)
Monthly rate: £4.10 (£3.28 after tax relief*)

* tax relief may vary depending on the tax situation of each member however, tax relief would be available if a member is paying basic rate tax.

Members can save money by claiming tax relief.

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There are standard conditions and limitations to indemnity cover.