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This membership payment plan is for existing health practitioner members (such as health care assistants and assistant practitioners) who are currently not working, or are taking a break from health care.


For current health practitioner members who are not working, or who are not working in a role where a recognised healthcare qualification is a requirement to enable them to undertake that role


For current health practitioner members who now wish to take a break from full membership. This category is not intended to be used as a lower rate membership for health practitioners who are working part-time.

Health practitioner members are entitled to take one voluntary break from their full payment plan for a maximum of 12 months in every three years.

A member must serve two years in a full payment plan before being eligible for a period of voluntary break.

Following the end of a period of a voluntary break, there is no return to a voluntary break payment plan for a minimum of 24 months.

The period of availability is for 12 months. Transfer to the health practitioner full payment plan will be automatic after 12 months on this payment plan.

Membership subscription

Annual rate: £49.21 (£39.37*)
Monthly rate: £4.10 (£3.28*)

* tax relief may vary depending on the tax situation of each member.

Members can save money on their membership by claiming tax relief. Find out how in Claiming tax relief on RCN subscriptions.

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Members on the health practitioner voluntary break payment plan are not eligible for either indemnity cover or employment support but may receive telephone advice from RCN Direct.